Borovo Village

Wellkome to “Varnentsi” Family Hotel – village Borovo!
We all know the legend as God, who once handed out the earths around the world, the b’lgarin ‘finished. And on God, it became tant, and he gave mu a parchment from Paradise. Take a panoramic view of the gledki, koito se razkrivat from the village of Borovo sa great place for photo-tourism and observation of many rare and valuable plant and animal species. The days in Borovo are constantly living for 90 souls. Seloto is clean, well-stocked, and a khorata musa be responsive and welcoming. Nyakolko often wanted and would offer a night-wear for the guests, and, if desired, a guard.

The village of Borovo is in the middle part of the Rodopite, 50 km from the city of Plovdiv, 38 km. south of Bachkovskiy Manastir and 6 km from Gr. Lucky. It is located in Prespania dyal on the outlet from the Rozhen saddle to the Western Rhodopes massif. Nai-visok vrkh tuk e vrakh Krustov – 1428 m. Riduva planina, Krushovska planina, Gradishche planina, Gordyuva chuka, Novakovski balkan, Momchilovski reed, Kainadinski reed, Zhalti dyal more and Ustredrenski unanimous next to each other … The average Januar temperature in Rhodope is about –1.5oC, the average Julian temperature is 23oC. The average annual temperature is 12oС.

Borovo is a nice, resonant, clear Bulgarian name. It is derived from the name of the beautiful pine tree (Bor in Bulgarian). In the past, the whole region of the present village was covered with pine trees. Archeological remains around Borovo indicate that the area was inhabited even in the V-IV century B.C. First written reports about Borovo village date from the 11th century AD (year 1083).

The village was mentioned along with other towns and villages from the Rhodope region, in Tipica (by Gregorius Bakuriani) about the monastic community in the Bachkovski Monastery; it is also present in the Ottoman registry of the Djelepkeshans from 1576 on.