Yo, listen up, I got some legal rhymes, From click-wrap contracts to illegal return crimes, Let’s kick it off with contracts on the net, Click-wrap internet contracts, no need to fret. When you click that „I agree“ button, you’re in, Click wrap internet contracts, let the games begin.

Next up, we got our subject-verb game, Each of the subject verb agreement, ain’t it a shame? But worry not, I got you covered, Subject-verb agreement, ain’t no fool’s rule.

Now let’s talk about those high court judges, Pension rules, they ain’t no sludges, High court judges pension rules, making that money, Legal eagles soaring, ain’t it funny?

When you hit the road, you gotta stay in line, 10 traffic laws, gotta keep ’em in mind, 10 traffic laws, don’t be no fool, Hit the gas, don’t break the rule.

Feeling the call of the legal world? In the Philippines, they got courses unfurled, Types of law courses in the Philippines, pick your poison, Ain’t no reason to be frozen.

Gotta keep those papers straight, Legal paper organizer, don’t miss a date, Legal paper organizer, keep it neat, No more losing papers, ain’t that sweet?

When it comes to insurance, we got you covered, Insurance law articles, let’s not be smothered, Legal analysis, insights and more, Learn the game, don’t be sore.

Now let’s fight for the environment, Legal eagle defenders making a dent, Community environmental legal defense fund, fighting for what’s right, Environmental rights, taking flight.

Lawyers gotta keep learning, National continuing legal education, no adjourning, National continuing legal education, seminars for the pros, Keep climbing that legal ladder, don’t be at a loss.

Finally, watch out for those code traps, Illegal return statements in JavaScript, no mishaps, Illegal return statement in JavaScript, causes and solutions, Keep your code clean, no more confusions.